october 20, 2011

i dreamt last night that i was being chased & captured by about 3 or 4 muslim men.

it was like a utility closet where i was finally cornered & locked myself in.  

the door knob was missing & as the men were trying to poke their fingers through, i started cutting at them with scissors from a multi-tool!

i woke up to find out that Gaddafi  had been captured!!

october 21, 2011

the reason i knew i was cornered in a utility closet is ’cause there were pipes running along the wall beside me in my dream.   found out last night that Gaddafi was captured & shot in a large culvert drain pipe in the last stronghold of Sirte.

when i tell my husband of such dreams he always has the same response:

‘ya old witch, ya’!!

i dedicate this short animation to the people of the uprisings in the  middle east & especially to those in Libya.