June 2013

‘it’s six’ poetry recital

this dropbox link is a poem i recited for my second set at the OBO studio anniversary party back in may.
just click on the link to experience it!

the 7 stages of aum mantra

the 7 stages of aum mantra

‘two entangled souls
observe consciousness created
collapse the future.’

this is the Haiku poem that my painting
‘a u m’ is based on.
the Haiku poem/painting exhibit is on until Friday June 21st at the Cornwall Public Library.
david & i have been word mining, as he likes to call it! visit my word play page to see what we’ve come up with.

this is my first set of poems that i recited last month at OBO studio’s 1st year & counting party.


this is a detail shot of a piece i’m working on.
it’s based on a Haiku poem the author of which i have yet to meet.
it’s to be part of a group show opening soon at the Cornwall Public Library.
i’ll reveal the author of the Haiku once he or she is revealed to me!