michelle c. fecit

michelle c. fecit discovered a love of the visual arts in high school.  She carried this interest through university, graduating with Honours with a BA in Fine Arts from Bishop’s University in 1992.  Her experience while studying there opened up her style and helped to establish it as abstract expressionism.  Realism in drawing and painting is one of her capabilities and she feels that this capability is necessary in validating and solidifying abstract work.

Subject matter becomes secondary as michelle c. fecit paints to resolve texture and composition in each canvas.  Acrylic paint along with mixed media such as graphite, conte, and pastel are what dictate the outcome of each canvas.  The written word is another medium that finds its way into her work.

While at university michelle c. fecit had an independent visual art course in which she was visualizing lyrics from music.  Feeling frustrated with translating the lyrics too literally, her professor Seymour Segal, suggested that she visualize her own words. A handful of poems came out of that suggestion.

Her painting days were put on hold for about 10 years as she embarked on a whole other art form – raising three children!  Since this work in progress has become a little more independent, michelle c. fecit has returned to creating abstract expressionism.

Contact the artist: michellecfecit@gmail.com


me & the brain II


One Response to “About the artist”

  1. anne Says:

    Wishing you lots of enjoyment in creating many more creative pieces.

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