the 7 stages of aum mantra

the 7 stages of aum mantra













clark island, st. lawrence river

3’x4′ acrylic/pencil on canvas
i finally recreated this image.
it could probably use a little more TLC though!

barrel red man into yellow warm sun

THE spot
India – 1993
Ode on a French Horn – 1988
The MacDonell Homestead

‘crying like directors of an assembly line, demanding higher production rates, while they themselves are being over-produced.’

display at serenity studio

words support like bone

the hide that couldn’t


the wind & the ram


smoke house

her castle, her jester & her steed


6 Responses to “Visual Art”

  1. Stephanie Kestle Says:

    I love your site. Wonderful work.

  2. dear michelle, great art, wonderful pictures, gorgious woman! hope your work spreads over the world!

  3. meara macdonell Says:

    doing good mom keep it up

  4. JD Says:

    Awesome stuff, Michelle! I absolutely love the features on the visual art page.

    L-O-V-E it.

    Keep it coming!

  5. janis Says:

    Michelle im addicted to looking at your work! i wish i could be there to learn and work alongside you to get a glimpse of your creative process! love love love all of your pieces !!

  6. Allison Haley Says:

    Beautiful and creative work Michelle! Gives us artistic insight on this world of ours 🙂

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