-tion  –  to denote action or a resulting state.

shun  –  to avoid action or a resulting condition.





He Asks Me To Smile

He asks me to smile.

I am dying

But I smile for you


This smile

More beautiful, colourful than the flowers

He plants in his perpetual garden.

This smile

Shorter than the blades of the LawnBoy

That cut his lawn grass.

My smile

Deader than the pork chops

He burns on the barbeque

At the end

Of the lawn.





But I am dead.

I smile for you




the bell has tolled.

we have been told.



gas – something that transforms the young

sag – something that transforms the old


A sad


A sad state

Assad state

A sad state of affairs

Syria – sly


Doe a deer (michelle c. fecit  01.10.94)

As a dancing deer

In mid air

Her flight suspended

In the lair of a spider’s woven lore.                        Loom.

Not just any spider

Not just any spider of the forest

But one doe had run into only days before.                          Was it at the supermarket?

Or maybe

No not there.


Doe                        still suspended

In thought.

In hindsight

The grass blades of memory

Weave her to the fabric store.

Of course

Spider chose the fine

And not the coarse

Thread in the eye of the spinning wheel.

Doe tunes in

Tunes into the needle treading

The turntable spin.                                                Dreading.

The mystic widow still


Doe a deer

A fine female

A fit fine female

A fit fine female             in a fix.

So                                                                         sew

Suspended still doe.

Where is the family?

Where did mommy doe go?

In hindsight

In thought

The family was there.

She licked her wounds

In a lap of angel fine hair.

A taste of sweet

On the tip of her tongue

As a bounding aftertaste

From the dew did run.

Dew                                                                        sew do?

Where did this come from?

Have I been here so long?

Ebb moon                                                            loom low.

Leave me room

To follow.

The widow is black

Blacker than pitch.

Ebb moon                                                            loom low.

Leave me room

Leave me room

To follow?

It isn’t the wheel

It isn’t the track

Isn’t the loom

Isn’t the lack

Isn’t the longing to which I must turn back

But must turn my back.

Ebb moon                                                            loom low.

Leave me room

To follow.

‘looking to her?

Her eyes are closed.

She slacks on the job

Works the night shift

While whiling your right shift away.

You are doe

The freshest of any.

Nimble paws

Eight thimbled claws                                                turntable gnaws.

Looking to her

To keep in tune?

Turn a back

To she the moon.

Her’s is a fine friend

But abandon ship.

Her’s is not a finer slit

Through which to take leave                                    to make amends.

Waxing                                                             waning

All the months’ nights long.

Her’s is a night shift

A doe a deer

Blue singsong.

Tune out

Turn tables.’

Tune                                                                        out?


u                        r



What is this one of Grimm’s fables?




Learn                        spin                        know




Leave                        spin                        spun


Doe a deer

A female deer

Fa is a long

Long way to run.

Me has been there.


Sew                                                                        much grass blade woven.


Ti drunk with jam and bread.                                    The lushes.

Plastic i lashes fallen

Woman moon.

La. Where?                                                             Ou? There.



Oh, and as for

Re                                                ray?                        re:  pg’s

Cut a track with moon beam’s tune.


and – continues a sentence, a thought or an idea

dna – continues the cycle of life

live – desirable

evil – undesirable

time – something that can be spent

emit – proof/indicator of something being spent


3 Responses to “Word Play”

  1. David Says:

    Very interesting word mining – might it be that love and evolve have a paired existence – I believe we are evolving and the medium is love. What might the orphaned “ve/ev” be telling us?

    1. ‘ever’ – revolve

  2. David Says:

    I like that and I sense that Eve may be hiding somewhere with her lover

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